Our Strengths

Fund Management

The scope of management of undertakings for collective investment in transferrable securities (UCITS) and alternative investment funds (AIF) may be summarized as follows.
  • Establishment and licensing of a UCITS/AIF
  • Issue and redemption of shares in a UCITS/AIF
  • Asset assessment and accounting
  • Calculation of the issue price and of the redemption price
  • Calculation of dividends or profit reinvestment
  • Fulfilment of the obligations to disclose information and submit reports
  • Contact person for the shareholders
  • Merger and reorganization
  • Termination and liquidation
  • List of the shareholders
  • Exercising of the shareholders’ voting right 

Portfolio Management

Comprehensive portfolio management includes offering additional services. Depending on your wishes and situation, you can contact us about the following topics: 
Private persons
  • Financial planning
  • Family office 
  • Capital market transactions
  • Succession planning
  • Designs for structuring collective investments
  • Structuring of real estate holdings
  • Asset management
  • Structuring of financial products
  • Real estate brokerage