About us

Scarabaeus Wealth Management AG specialises in the establishment and management of collective investment schemes and neoclassical portfolio management . Our investment approach is primarily based on the sustainable increase of wealth but nevertheless we consider that we are in a position to use all the new forms and techniques available in the field of collective investment schemes and individual portfolio management. With outstanding training and experience, our team can develop the appropriate structure for your investment.

As well as establishing and managing collective investment schemes (UCITS, AIF), we also undertake the management of individual asset portfolios.The partners in our company are also active in other fields which enable them to offer forensic and advisory financial and legal services. These include legal, fiscal and management studies, for example to be in a position to redeploy assets specifically for tax or other reasons.

Scarabaeus Wealth Management AG is a participant joined to the investor compensation scheme managed by Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation PCC (Einlagensicherungs- und Anlegerentschädigungs-Stiftung SV) (FL-0002.039.614-1) and compliant with the law of the European Union. More information can be found on the Foundation’s webpage on: