Collective Investments

A further dimension of portfolio management is the use of collective investment vehicles (investment funds). This has the advantage that the income from these funds is exempt from tax. The investor can also gain from capital appreciation in the nature of the investment within the collective investment vehicle. On the other hand, investment in these investment vehicles increases the cost of the management of your assets. The wide range of investment funds and therefore the major differences in their structure and management costs have incited us, , to develop a concept which enables you to invest in collective investment vehicles which have been established specifically for your purposes and wishes.


  • Individuality: Your personal investment strategy as embodied in your individual wealth management service is implemented
  • Flexibility: The investment decisions are flexible and we are therefore capable of acting quickly
  • Independence: Investment decisions are not based on any benchmark but solely on your instructions
  • Cost transparency: The cost of the administration of your wealth is not increased by the use of a collective investment vehicle but you nevertheless enjoy the advantages of a collective investment
  • By using collective investments you can transfer your legal position as owner as you only have what are called “units” among your assets. It is therefore possible and simpler to transfer or bequeath these units. In addition, third party access is no longer possible.
  • Every asset form (money, real estate, company investments, shares etc.) can be transferred into a collective investment vehicle.
  • Depending on the structure, the tax advantages can be quite significant.